Tall Ship ride

So this was the third dreadful time we’ve tried to get on this ship the past week because it was in such high demand with the new YouSwoop deal. I was really excited for Lelya to experience her first boat ride and in particular, this special pirate-themed one. I carefully scheduled this one right after her morning nap so she would be especially alert and appreciate the pirate tales. She was an all-star walking up Navy Pier with me, drinking out of her little cup, and was an angel baby waiting in line. Of course, the second we got on the ship she starts to wail. She has this new scream where she sounds like a dying animal and it was in full force. I don’t even mind so much when I’m home alone with her but her dying animal scream was a million times worse in public and with everyone staring at us. The boat was packed but slowly one by one people started evacuating our end of the ship. She would not sit still, was not hungry, thirsty, wet, dirty, and how could she be tired I thought?? She was an absolute lunatic. Well, as soon as we (finally) took off, her little eyelids slowly drooped down and the screaming stopped, and she slept through the entire hour and a half-long ride. We missed the pirate tales, spent as much as we saved on the YouSwoop deal in taxis because I was too cold to walk, and I got motion sick with a comatose baby on my lap. But I guess it was nice to have the whole end of the ship to ourselves.

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