Booked !

After almost one year, I am thrilled that we finally booked our honeymoon!!!

As you know, we got married when landon was but a wee lil lad and right before [his first] Christmas so we decided to wait on taking our ‘moon, and then life got crazy with work and weddings, so we thought it would be absolutely perfect to take it for our One Year.

The hardest part was figuring out what to do with Landon. We wanted to take 2 weeks right before xmas and since my mother-in-law’s passing I knew this would be difficult, if not impossible. But save the day for our good friend Shelagh who excitedly volunteered to fly to our place and spend 12 days with our lil bugger. We love you shel!

After much deliberation over where to go…..we decided to take the full time relaxing in Kauai, Hawaii, December 1-11th, at the Grand Hyatt……and couldn’t be more pumped for it. It’s coming at a perfect time for us, we are both overworked and in need of a warm vacation to just relax and focus on each other. It’s also actually the first warm-weathered vacation Chris and I will have actually taken together, which makes it even more special on top of the fact that we will be celebrating our one year of marital bliss 🙂 And we’ll be home for Christmas!! (If anyone hasn’t been to Chicago during Christmastime — you’re missing out!)
In exactly 60 days— I can’t wait for crystal blue water, to get my tan back, swim with dolphins, go snorkeling, whale watching, hiking, and of course make lots of love and hopefully another bebe 😉

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