Meaning of the Season

As I’m sure all of you are crazily hustling & bustling about, shopping & trying to get all your gifts for every family member and friend checked off your list, wrapped, & shipped…..Try to remember what Christmas is really about. Society is disgustingly overwhelmed with commercialism and is constantly telling us we need the latest technology, toys, clothes, accessories, and it’s definitely very easy to get sucked in, especially this time of year. I can’t even count how many holiday catalogs I’ve thrown straight into our recycle bin and how many advertisements I (we all) view on a day to day basis, exponentially multiplying during the holiday season. But worse, we’re made to believe that we also need these things not just for others, but for ourselves. To look better, to be cooler, to be more successful, to host the best party, to be happier, to have it all, and to have the latest.  

Remember you aren’t defined by what you buy, and there are lots more ways to give much, much more.

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