16 Weeks


16 Weeks

I am now officially 16 weeks, and almost half way, into my pregnancy with baby bauman #2 :) & I'm feeling pretty good, well, at least much better. I realized I haven't done any weekly baby bump photos with weekly feelings, cravings, etc. so I'll try to make up for that now. For a general update on how baby brother or sister is developing right now you can click HERE. (S)he's about the size of an avacado and 4 1/2 inches long, & heart beat is 150 bpm, very strong, fast and most importantly, very healthy. This year I received an extra special Mother's Day gift -- the distinct and unmistakable sensation of little kicks and flutters from our lil baby boy or girl. (S)he's definitely a spunky one, that I can tell already :)

I've been struggling with awful allergies and recent headaches (unfortunately can't take anything for the allergies), & have terrible baby brain already. During the first trimester I felt very sick and nauseous all the time, which is now (for the most part) gone, thank God. I still get random waves of nausea but they are few & far between, and thankfully only 2 of these has resulted in actual vomiting. As for cravings....nothing too weird at all. It's been quite the opposite, most food items have been totally grossing me out or don't taste good to me at all. I've mostly just been craving lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Still not eating any meat, but adding in a little whey protein powder in my morning smoothies. Craving a few sweets here & there, but only the finest gourmet cookies, cake, & pastries, which is definitely atypical for me. And sushi. Dear Lord that's all this baby wants. I've treated myself to sushi a few times, only ordering cooked rolls (eel, shrimp, calamari, crab) and it is the only thing I think I could eat nonstop throughout this entire pregnancy and not get sick of.

I'm really excited to be pregnant during the summer months and am determined not to turn into a blimp like I was with Lelya (48 lb weight gain is not happening this time around). So far I've only gained 2-4 lbs -- I'm not exactly sure how much I was pre-pregnancy, but I only weighed in @ 122 today, & I'm hoping to stay on this good, healthy track I've set myself on.

I still have the feeling I'm carrying a little girl because all my pregnancy symptoms are exact opposite of what I was like when preggo with L. But we have to wait another 3 weeks until we find out the sex - gah! At which point, I have plans for a fun (yet low-key) gender reveal barbecue. Thinking I am going to forgo my original plans of the gender reveal cake and surprise myself with a box full of [pink or blue] balloons. Although I've only been pregnant for 16 weeks I feel like it's been longer, and I feel like the big ultrasound is an eternity away.....so until then, I've been keeping myself busy with lots of yoga, healthy recipes, Big Brother Training (likely a new post all to itself), perusing some beautiful pin-spirational maternity photoshoot ideas, & getting as much rest & relaxation as I can possibly get with a very energetic two year old.

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