Halfway There!!


Halfway There

I won't bore you with all the details of the day because I'm too busy at the moment and I am also posting this on my iPhone right now, which has become my new preferred method of posting btw, but in other more EXCITING news -- I'm at the HALFWAY mark with baby Aziz 2! Been feeling incredible lately and full of energy and high spirits. Partly due to the newfound 3 HOURS of 'me' time I now have every morning thanks to summer school :) We had the big 20-week ultrasound this morning as well as echocardiogram (for those of you who don't know, Aziz had a brother who passed away at 9 months of a congenital heart defect) and everything looks great. Healthy baby, strong heart, internal organs, limbs, fingers, toes, everything is exactly as it should be and we are still measuring right on mark for a due date of 11/12/13. I have been on cloud 9 all day, so unbelievably happy and relieved beyond words that baby is healthy and developing 100% where he/she should be -- I may or may not have started crying as soon as we saw him/her on the screen. And that little nugget is quite the shaker and mover! (S)he wouldn't keep still and was kicking and dancing all over the place. And would NOT give us a profile view - (s)he insisted on a full frontal and SMILED straight at us the whole time. Seriously it was so freaky and really funny, like (s)he knew it was his/her big debut. But because the full frontal pics are a little scary (baby won't start chubbing up until at least a few more weeks and still has the hollow alien/skeletal face), I have posted the one profile pic we managed to snag from him/her. I went into the appointment feeling deep down in my gut we have a girl but now am starting to think there might be a little baby sister in there! Cannot wait to find out with everyone at our gender reveal party on Sunday. In the meantime, I am doing everything in my power to keep busy and NOT tear open that sealed envelope from the technician with the baby's gender on it - I can't believe Aziz left this with me today.

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