Home Tour: Lelya's new room

 Home Tour: Lelya's new room

Finally! This room took quite a while to come together, but I am so happy and proud of the final outcome. First, we had some serious wallpaper (2 layers and lots of leftover glue, bless my soul) to remove and some big holes in the wall to patch up. Then we primed & painted the room a sharp electric blue, touched up all the white trims and baseboards, and painted the inside of the closet and "shoe stand" white. For whatever reason, all the closet doors had been removed from 3 of the upstairs rooms so instead of getting new doors, I decided to put up some colorful curtains instead. (Thank you, Pinterest).

I absolutely love her new bed and dresser which came from my parents, a very generous & gorgeous 2nd birthday gift for lucky little L. It was custom designed and ordered, so it took a little while to finally arrive, but it was definitely well worth the wait. We picked it out when they came to visit in August from Darvin Furniture in Orland Park. [Highly recommend if you are in the Chicagoland looking for some new furniture - This place was ginormous and you're guaranteed to find whatever it is you are looking for.] After much deliberation, we decided to get her a full-sized bed since we want her to have it for forever, and plus because she is such a crazy sleeper. The bookcase and little chair were left here for us from Aziz's dad, the nightstand we already had, and the rug completely captured my heart at first "sight" on Overstock.com.

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