Homemade Brown Sugar Exfoliator


Homemade Brown Sugar Exfoliator
Homemade Brown Sugar Exfoliator

After the tremendous amount of traffic and interest in my Oil Cleansing post, I'm back with a follow-up sister post on a homemade, natural exfoliator that is so simple to make. So it's important to exfoliate during the winter because it helps shed dry skin and achieve an even, glowing skin tone even during the cold dry months. Brown sugar actually tightens and moisturizes and gets rid of that dry, flaky winter skin. And sea salt is proven to improve your circulatory system and contains many minerals and nutrients that are beneficial and therapeutic for the skin as well. 
It's great for your skin, no chemicals, you can tailor it to your skin type, and if you've already tried the OCM, you probably have most of the ingredients in your home already!
All you need is brown sugar, sea salt, castor oil, and then whatever other combination of oils you prefer for your skin. My concoction consists of the brown sugar & sea salt, plus olive oil, castor oil, and jojoba oil. There is no special measurement/proportions, but just keep mixing until your ingredients blend well together in a consistency that is right for your skin.
For a cheat sheet on which oil is best for you, as well as proportion recommendations for your skin type, please visit my last post on OCM.
Remember you don't need to exfoliate daily, usually only once or twice a week. Now go glow :)

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