Homeopathic feel-good remedies


Homeopathic feel-good remedies

After feeling a pretty dumpy for the past couple of days I thought it would be worth it to share a few good & all natural immune-boosting & natural energy producing supplements.

Ever feel yourself starting to get sick, over-tired, sore throat, nasal congestion, etc. & want to do something about it before it gets worse?? Enter homeopathic feel-good remedy no. 1: Echinacea.
I love - No, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, this magical herbal supplement and have been using it for about 5 years now and guess what? Surprise surprise, I haven't had to make one sick trip to the doctor's office since it's inception into my life. & this is coming from the girl with a low white blood cell count & the past Queen of Sinus Infections.
So what is it - It is a pretty purple flower in the daisy family home to eastern & northern America and when its parts are ground up & consumed, have been found to contain rich immune-boosting properties. Clinical studies are inconclusive about its medicinal effects but if you take as directed as soon as you feel cold symptoms coming on, some studies have shown that it cuts your chances of catching the cold by more than half. If you take it as directed while you have the cold, some studies have shown it decreases the length of your cold by 1-2 days.
I can only speak of personal triumph with this herbal supplement and believe it works absolute wonders.

Next up, homeopathic feel-good remedy no. 2.
Ever feel like you're over-dosing on caffeine & it stopped helping?? Don't eat meat or have a poor diet & find yourself totally zapped of energy?? Enter Vitamin B.
I started taking vitamin B when I became a vegetarian for the second time. When I cut out all meat from my diet, I noticed a sharp decrease in energy levels right away, and that was when I heard about the benefits of Vitamin B from my friend Caitlin, an 19-year long vegetarian with all sorts of veggie tricks up her sleeve. What I found out was that Vitamin B reduces stress and produces energy. Awesome right? Basically there are 8 different B Vitamins, each is equally very important. Vitamin Bs can be found in foods such as meat, whole grains, & molasses, but most of the time, each & every B Vitamin is not found to coexist in these food items together, so it makes sense to just get them all in a Vitamin B Complex.

Other amazing benefits of Vitamin B:

  • It supports & increases your metabolism. 
  • Maintains healthy hair, skin, & muscle tone.
  • Enhances the immune & nervous system functions. 
  • & Vitamin B's have also been hypothesized to improve symptoms of ADHD. Which we all have, right?
  • Lastly, I've found taking Vitamin B after a night of drinking helps stave off a hangover the next day. 

Oh, & you will be thanking me later for introducing these into your life ;)

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