More tea for me

more tea for me

 Definitely been feeling under the weather lately, especially after a big busy party weekend, and have been experimenting with all sorts of homemade tea concoctions. Am sipping on this tea right now for an extra vitamin C boost & loving it. 

What You'll Need:

- 1 - 2 lemon slices (or 1-2 spoonfuls freshly juiced)

- 1- 2 orange slices (or 1-2 spoonfuls freshly juiced)

- few mint sprigs

- fresh ground ginger

- honey or your choice of sweetener

1 Easy Step:

Boil hot water & stir in lemon, orange, mint leaves, & ground ginger & honey to taste.

*If you have a ladle, it'd be helpful to use and drain before drinking...but as you can see, totally not necessary

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