Sorry haven't been very active posting this month -- been super busy with our big move to suburbia. My FIL got a new pastor job at a church in the western suburbs and is moving into the house next to his church and graciously offered us his house in Glenview for a temp period (we will likely be living there 6-12 months). We are extremely blessed and very excited to be given this opportunity - we will be saving money on rent and parking each month, have much more space (4 bedrooms plus a den and finished basement), and little Lelya can finally have her very own yard to play in :) Glenview is also a super nice suburb with a cute town center, near the lake, lots of parks, a very safe community, and only about 20 miles from downtown. So pretty awesome and pretty perfect timing. Only pitfalls? Moving her family out and getting rid of 20 years of lots and lots of stuff collected throughout 4 kids and 2 dogs, and cleaning up many many years of memories. It was a lot of work but everything is finally out of the house (minus the garage - working progress) and the house has been professionally deep cleaned after 4 maids and 9 hours of rigorous cleaning. We will officially begin our descent into suburbia early this Sunday morning. In the meantime, I've been taking trips up north almost daily frequenting the Goodwill drop off, town dumpsters and Home Depot, and I've been a very busy bee stripping wallpaper and packing up our city life. I have lots of really cool home decor ideas and renovation projects that I am super excited to share with you. Lelya her first big girl bedroom set coming from my parents in 6-8 weeks and can't wait to post pictures when the walls are painted and everything is decorated. It's been a busy month but will have many, many more exciting things to share with you come September, so sit tight! & in case you are feeling sorry for yourself, this is what my life has been looking like for the past 2 weeks:

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