New hampshire minitrip


new hampshire minitrip
new hampshire minitrip

Just got back from the beautiful state of New Hampshire early this morning & posting some quick pics from the past few days there. It was really a business trip for Aziz that Lelya and I decided to tag along on for the weekend. I took most of these photos on the way there but unfortunately once we got there, I was too busy enjoying myself that I didn't interrupt the moments to picture take. All of my MA friends drove up to hang at some point which was amazing & I miss everyone already :( But it just makes me look forward even more to future east coast trips this summer.

 L conked out on the cab ride, but woke up for the moving walkways where he no joke ran up and down at least 100 times, each equally exciting as the last. This made for a very tired little honneybunny & a happy lil mama at takeoff.

Playing hard outside in the gorgeous 70-90 degree weather & refueling with some snacks. Lelya gets her best haircut of her life to date, & tries to make friends with an older blonde girl, but clearly can't mask the fact that she is just more interested in wheeling her new cars along anything, and anyone.

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