New Stuff :)


New Stuff :)

Spent my weekend tending to a sick babe & working on Extract and got some new labeling and packaging underway plus a new body oil up in the shop! I think you are all going to absolutely love this new body oil - it's perfect to add into your bathtub or massage directly onto your skin just like you would body lotion to achieve a flawless, moisturizing, nourishing, & glowing effect all day long. And not oily or greasy at all!! It's made up of entirely 100% organic expeller pressed oils (avocado oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, vitamin e oil, & lavender essential oil) and works for all skin types and especially well on dry skin. I have a special promo listing up for a custom oil cleanser as well as the body oil both for only $16 if you're interested! And once we get some more money coming in next month I'm excited to purchase more supplies to extend my line to include bath salts, bath bombs, eau de toilettes, and body scrubs - Very excited :)

Oh & Lelya? She was up all night Saturday night coughing and came down with a fever and 102 temp yesterday....Up sick again last night but finally caught some peaceful, cough-free Zzzzs at 4am and slept until 11, waking up fever-free and cough-free. Finally :) We'll be spending the rest of the day low key & enjoying the sunny 65 degrees together outside B)

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