Nursery Tour :)


Nursery Tour

Baby's nursery is *finally* completed and I'm a very proud mama bird of how her little nest turned out and I love this room so much. I definitely had so much more fun picking things out and decorating for our little girl than I did with Lelya's nursery, My whole pregnancy I swear I knew we were having a girl so I started planning and collecting little things for her ever since the positive pregnancy test. I really love this little space, and sometimes when the babes are sleeping and I have some free time I find myself making my way to her room, sitting in the rocking chair and rocking myself back and forth with a cup of tea or my computer, or sometimes just sitting and thinking quietly to myself.

This room is really teeny, which we renovated from an old music studio. It had no closet so we Chris built the shelving and clothing rack and hung up some yellow gingham curtains for closet doors (also did these curtain closet doors in Lelya's 'big girl' room). The crib and changing table were the only things we have in here passed down from Landon, and I tried really hard not to spend much money on everything else. I'm actually really proud of all the re-purposing and recycling I managed in here - The rocking chair was Aziz' mom's (the same one she used in her kids' nurseries), the end table and wooden heart wall shelf Aziz' dad left here for us. And mostly everything in here minus the crib and changing table she will take with her to a 'big girl' room someday. 

All other sources for all other decor items are at the bottom of the post, lots of gems from Homegoods, etsy, & Tar-jay ;) 

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