Our Weekend


Our Weekend

A quick recap of our incredibly busy weekend:

Thursday night was swamped with work, but we had a visit from a long-lost friend from college and her boyfriend while they were in Dubai for work. Surprisingly, they were staying right next door to us. We opened a few bottles of juice, cheese, and crackers, and had a fantastic time chatting and catching up after 6 years of no contact.

Friday, we attended a "homemade pizza and beer tasting" party at Nadia's mom's place, which was truly awesome and left me inspired to host a similar party in the future.

Saturday afternoon, we took Lelya to her first concert at Global Village :) Our daughter is quite musically inclined and has some impressive dance moves up her sleeves. She has a nice "sway" and can really get low. I'm considering posting a video so you can truly appreciate how amazing she is.

Sunday was all about the 3 R's: rest, relaxation, and recuperation. Aziz took care of Lelya in the morning while I slept in until noon! This mama was exhausted, and boy, did it feel good. The rest of the day was filled with watching Madagascar, doing yoga, handling laundry, cleaning, and cuddling up to The Good Wife... which brings me here.

I didn't manage to take any pictures on Thursday or Friday.

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