So Fresh & So Green: Dr. Bronner's amazing certified organic, vegan, & fair trade certified bodycare

So Fresh & So Green: Dr. Bronner's amazing certified organic, vegan, & fair trade certified bodycare

 Yesterday I came home to the sweetest surprise on my doorstep, a package full of green skincare goodies from Dr. Bronner's. I was so pumped to try this stuff out. I carefully unpackaged everything and took inventory and placed everything away in the house/bathroom and got in the shower to try everything out. This was pretty close to an actual spa day for me, since Lelya and Aziz spent Saturday night with my brother in law, so the house was totally quiet, I got to take however long of a shower I wanted to, with no little bodies opening the bathroom door jumping in to join me. It was heaven.

I first used their organic castile liquid soap all over my body. This was my first time ever trying castile soap and I am officially hooked. This stuff is so amazing. It's the most cleansing body oil and literally dissolves the oil on your skin, without drying and still totally hydrating your skin. After that, I used their organic shaving gel, which was equally as amazing. I used to just use regular soap when I shaved but this stuff noticeably gave me a much better shave and my legs were smoother than ever afterwards. Win-win - no more soap shaving for me. After that, I shampooed and deep conditioned my dry, colored, dull winter's hair with their Lavender Coconut Deep Conditioner. The aroma that filled my shower and scalp due to this stuff was absolutely amazing. After relaxing in and inhaling in all these incredible new aromas and products, my shower finally started to lose hot water so I had to get out. Then I lathered my entire self up in their Patchouli Lime Body Lotion which was hands down the most amazing body lotion I've ever used. Not only did it smell absolutely amazing but it was uber hydrating and left my skin literally glowing. Seriously. That's never happened to me before. So best shower experience to date. & not only do all these products smell like heaven and make you feel like a new woman but it is ALL certified organic and vegan. That means no pesticides, no chemicals, no parabens, and no animal by-products or testing. So you can mentally feel as well as you do physically :) What's more, all of Dr. Bronner's products are Fair Trade Certified, which means they give their suppliers, farmers and workers around the world who produce their materials fair prices, living wages, and funding for local development projects. This means despite ups & downs in the market, their farmers and workers can rely on a fair payment, fair working and labor conditions, and help to lift themselves out of poverty. By buying Fair Trade Certified products, you are helping these local farmers by investing in their farms and communities, protecting the environment, and helping them develop the business skills necessary to compete in the global marketplace. Such a great company, with such amazing products that I am so excited to continue to use and probably keep sharing with you. I definitely encourage you to go check out their site and order some of their stuff today!

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