Thankful Thursdays


Thankful Thursdays
Thankful Thursdays

After my last very bitter post (thank you guys for the comments) I decided I need to try really hard to see all the good things I do have... despite some god awful people in the world. 

So I conjured up a list of things I'm thankful for that I often take for granted:

1. My dishwasher. Honestly I lived three years in law school without a dishwasher or garbage disposal and I still take both for granted. 

2. My smart phone. Without which, I wouldn't be able to do simple math, contact anyone I know, check my email and favorite sites throughout the day, or see in the dark. 

3. Our heated garage. What it means to not get out there and shovel snow off my car and wait for the ice to melt and car to heat up is truly beyond words. 

4. My new job. That's right folks, I have a new full time job & I've been a very busy little worker bee. It's just a temporary attorney position, but a good transition nonetheless. AND the fact that it is down the street(!!) from where we live. 

5. Our new babysitter who Lelya loves and who wears all his energy out so she is back to sleeping through the night for me. She is really phenomenal and I am so lucky to be able to be away from her for 9 hours a day and not feel a tremendous amount of guilt because I know she is in good hands with someone who plays with her, gives her the undivided attention she deserves, and practices talking & counting with her and got her to say HIS FIRST WORD. 

6. TJ Maxx. Guys, I just bought 2 decorative pillows for our bedroom that were normally $115 each for $15 bucks!! YES, I KNOW. 

7. That I get to workout in our gym right downstairs in our building. 

8. My hairdresser. Not only is she is so talented but she comes to my apartment so I don't have to worry about Landon. 

9. Of course, my loving husband who works so hard for us and my sweet little baby who always brings a smile to my face. (He's still my little baby okay?!)

10. YOU GUYS! My faithful bloggy readers :) My stats have been the highest they've ever been these past few months & you inspire me to keep on bloggin'. You're the best ever :) I mean that. 

PS - the word was "open." What a random kid. 

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