Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Freshly Picked Moccasin Giveaway!!

*Disclosure: I have received Freshly Picked moccasins to facilitate my review but the review and all opinions contained herein are 100% my own.

It's here it's here!! Giving away an absolutely gorgeous soon to be your new baby obsession (if they aren't already) pair of Freshly Picked baby moccs!! I am absolutely obsessed with our platinum leather ones and bubblegum pink suede ones for Blair (pictured below - although they were limited edition and not available for sale anymore but similar ones I love are the coral leather and the blush leather here), I basically swoon over her/them everytime she is wearing them, along with every other random stranger we encounter these days. 

These moccasins are made with a lot of love and care considering they are all hand-made and made of a durable leather or suede. The moccasins are so easy to put on and take off and they actually stay on little feet - I repeat - they stay on your littles' feet! due to the elastic at the opening of the shoe. The soft soles are especially great for little ones learning to walk because they have plenty of space for the toes to move around and they help promote balance :) They come in infant and toddler sizes 1-10. 
My only wish is if the price of the moccasin was a little lower but they are actually priced very well for being handmade -  and handmade in the USA. They retail $60, which you might think is a little steep but so worth it for how well they are made and how super stylish they are, AND the other added plus is that you are able to put them on even if they are a little big, and they fit nice n snug even if a little tight - so you get A LOT longer wear out of them than other run of the mill baby shoes. And you won't lose them because they won't fall off ;)
Thanks to Shark Tank deal (fast fwd to 32 minute mark, and please listen to her story, because it's amazing, she's amazing) and the brand growth, Freshly Picked moccasins will soon be at retailers near you and are already now stocked at Nordstrom! And you can always find the perfect pair for your child on the Freshly Picked website.

I am SO excited to be hosting a giveaway for another pair of little mocs to a very lucky one of YOU! ($60 value, PLUS free shipping to anywhere in the US). All you have to do is visit Freshly Picked and leave a comment on this blog post letting me know which pair you would get if you won!

*See end of post for ways to gain additional entries

How to Enter:
1. Visit Freshly Picked and leave a comment on this post telling me which pair of mocs you would get if you won!

For Additional Entries:
1. Like Freshly Picked on Facebook
2. Share a link to this post on facebook & tell your friends about it!
3. Follow @FreshlyPicked and @lisab3 on Instagram, post an image of the mocs you want, tagging @lisab3 and include the hashtag #freshlypickedmummascornergiveaway
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*Please leave a separate comment on this blog post for each additional entry, and be sure to leave your email address on each post so I know how to contact you if you're the lucky winner!

Giveaway will run for only one week and will officially close at 4:00pm cst on 10/21/14

Good luck!!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall Fun!

Most of these were all taken at Dave's Pumpkins in Huntly IL (minus the horses, at a friend's farm in Barrington), about a 30 minute drive for us and well worth it. We've got Goebbert's literally up the street but that place can get crazy crazy, especially on a weekend and during in the month of October. Plus we are all for the smaller, family-owned farms (check out our apple orchard excursion). This was the first time we went to Dave's and we will definitely be returning again - it was a smaller little spot but still had tons of stuff for the kids- a corn maze (not huge but still plenty of fun), 'ghost bubbles' (white vapor like bubbles that turned into smoke when you caught them - big hit), a mini tractor farm the kids could all ride on like little tricycles, lots of pumpkins (ALL only $6, regardless of weight or size- we got a honkin' huge pumpkin and 2 big white ones all for only $18), lots of gourds, corn shocks, corn, squash, and mini pumpks to choose from as well, free radio flyer wagon rentals to help you tote around your goods and tired kids, and $2 (long!) 'spooky hayrides' - we couldn't have been more satisfied. It's also worth mentioning that there was no parking fee, no admission fee, and no additional fees for any of the activities that some other "farms" rob you blind on. But the coolest part about this place - when we first tried to pay the owner before getting on the hayride, he just told us to drop our money in the (completely unmonitored and lone) "drop box" on your way out. AKA, the whole place runs on THE HONOR SYSTEM. Seriously? In this day and age? Love people + places like this.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Boden! A Review & Giveaway!

You may remember me posting about Boden here, and you've probably seen both my kids sporting their beautiful threads in many of my photos because I am absolutely obsessed with this company for children. Especially for boys, as we all know how difficult it is to find cute boy clothes anywhere, and they have so many stylish pieces for the lil men in your life. I just received this Baby Boden gift set from them and Blair and I are so obsessed! Not only are they adorable prints with gorgeous appliques, but they are soo, so so soft. The perfect lil number to dress them in for some post bath-time snuggles :)
Today I am thrilled to give one of you guys a chance to win your own Boden Baby Gift Set!!

All You Have To Do To Enter:
Leave a comment on this blog post, letting me know which Boden Baby Gift Shop item you would choose if you are the lucky winner!

To Gain Additional Entries:
1. Share a link to this post on Facebook & tell your friends about it!
2. Share a link to this post on Twitter using this sample tweet: "Enter to win a #babyboden gift set! Over at www.mummascorner.com #bodenclothing @bodenclothing"
3. "Like" Boden on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/JohnnieBoden)
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5. Share this giveaway on Instagram by taking a screen shot of the image above, tagging Boden_clothing and lisab3 and include the hashtag #bodenbabymummascornergiveaway

*Please leave a separate comment on this blog post for each additional entry, letting me know your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram username if applicable, and be sure to leave your email address on each post so I know how to contact you if you're the lucky winner!

**Giveaway will run for 3 weeks from today and will officially close at 12:00pm cst on 10/23/14.

Good luck!!

***You can also go ahead and shop their site now with promo code BABY at checkout to receive 15% off your order plus free shipping! (Now through Saturday Oct. 4)***

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Worth The Wait: Landon Buys a Bike

I seriously can't believe how fast this kid is growing up. 4 months ago he was still wearing pull ups. One year ago he was only speaking in 3-word phrases. Now he's whizzing past me in his new bike yelling back at me, "mom I don't need your help!" 
I was going to wait to get him a bike for Christmas, but it just seemed too far away since he has been asking for a bicycle since the summer, which gradually increased to begging come September, and ultimately it broke my heart a little when I saw how devastated he was the day he was the only kid at the bus stop without a bike. We are really not the parents who give into their kids' every demand or latest or impulsive want, especially when these things don't actually promote their intellectual or behavioral growth, are not Eco-friendly, and product of smart/obnoxious 'kid marketing'. Landon knows he cannot just get everything he wants when he wants it. Even in the middle of July, he's satisfied with "let's put it on your Christmas list and ask Santa for it." What I have also come to realize is that it's really not these things they want and it is not ever these things that make them happy (well, beyond 30 minutes) - it is us - it is us they want to spend quality time with them, to talk with and play with and give them our positive, creative, and praising attention. That is where you will find their true happiness, and that is what also promotes the highest level of developmental growth.
So, here we are at the end of September, a few more months til Christmas when I realized the kid can't ride a bike in the winter anyway. So rather than just give into it, we made a fun lil life lesson out of it. I told him we could wait until Santa brought it for Christmas....OR, we could see if he collected enough money in his piggy banks to buy one himself. He ran into his room, carried both his piggy bank and his train bank out to me and said, "I think I have enough for a nice new blue one!" And off we went to the bank to cash in. He watched intently as the teller dumped all of his patiently collected coins into the machine and handed him back $37 dollars. We took that money to a used bike store and bought a $30 (practically) shiny new 14-inch blue Hot Wheels bike, complete with a bell and training wheels. I really wish I got a video of this whole experience because I have never seen Landon so happy in our entire 4 years together. He was absolutely thrilled beyond words.
He confessed he loves his bike more than any of his choo choo trains, more than real trains, and more than The Polar Express train. I've never seen him take such good care of anything either. I am absolutely sure that this is because he waited so long to get it and because he bought it himself out of his own money. Every time I carry it up or down steps he holds onto one of the handle bars and says, "mom, please be careful with my bike and especially my training wheels, I don't want you to ruin them." Every morning when he wakes up he wants to go for a bike ride, first thing. He rides to the bus stop every afternoon with it and he rides after school. He has so much fun riding it, which I absolutely love too because I can actually walk at a normal pace with him. Every day we go out for bike rides around the lake, enjoying the exercise and taking in the beautiful autumn sun and air together. Sometimes we talk-  we talk about school and family and friends and the weather and Paw Patrol and choo choo trains and Halloween. And other times he rings his bell at me and tells me with a smile "get out of my way mom!" and pedals off 30 feet ahead of me for some alone time. 
Although it's bittersweet to see him like this - there is no denying there's any ounce of baby or toddler left in him - I have never felt more proud of him and I really feel like I am at the happiest and most peaceful point I've ever been in my life with him to date. 
& at least I still have one baby left.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Apple Picking!

I know I am totally 'basic' with all these apple picking photos but I totally don't care - We literally had one of the best days we've ever spent together as a family this past Sunday at Lang's Apple Orchard in Woodstock IL. I was recovering from a headache and we really didn't feel like going to one of those crazy 'carnival' orchards with petting zoos and corn mazes and lines and lines and lines swarming with people. We were really just looking for a no frills orchard where we could just leisurely stroll around, enjoy each other's company, and pick some good apples, and this place was exactly that. It was a family owned orchard with rows and rows of little dwarf apple trees, barely anyone else there, and tons of beautiful ripe apples, all ours for the picking. It was so nice to have a festive fall activity planned for the day without having to pay an arm and a leg for parking, admission, food and other add-on expenses whenever there are animals or rides or games or ridiculous things with a price tag present. The owner greeted us as soon as we parked our car and was super nice and informative about which apples to pick and which to stay away from and answered any questions we had about our dreams of someday planting and growing our own apple tree (we're serious). I will absolutely be the annoying basic white girl every single September now to come, and take just as many photos.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

School Days

Can't believe Landon's already been in school now for three weeks. He is loving his new preschool, all his new friends, and has officially started spelling his own name :) We've been so proud of this little guy lately. And yes, he is riding a "real yellow school bus" to & fro. I know, what?! I of course was holding back tears the first day. Time!! Slow down!!!
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