Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Farm Day(s) + Chicken Update

Photos from Randall Oaks Park & Petting Zoo, as well as a chicken coop tour at a few homes in Barrington... We're so excited to get some chicks of our own. Right now our village as well as subdivision specifically disallow the raising and keeping of poultry, but with my lawyering skills and hubby's politician skills, we're working on changing a few things around here 😏 We first need to get a majority vote from our subdivision to want to allow, and then need to petition the village. Currently other villages of Barrington already allow them and think we have a pretty good shot with the newly elected board in our subdivision, and Chris elected as the new VP ;) The kids love having our little 'garden' and get so excited when they notice a new ripe veggie or fruit they can pick for themselves and eat. They truly understand the concept of farm to table and I love teaching it to them. I cannot wait until the day they can go looking for fresh eggs in the morning and I know we are all going to love having some sweet little feathered friends around to join our family.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Summer Lovin'

Totally enjoying our summer and exploring new places and fun activities with L and B before the new baby comes. Definitely starting to feel a little anxious some days at the thought of having a newborn when lately I've been feeling at full capacity with just these two guys, but every day changes and every day will continue to change as we all grow, and I know all I can do is offer my best each day. I'm hopeful that my pregnancy exhaustion will dissipate and so hopeful that having the new baby will not be as exhausting as I've been feeling most days in these last few weeks. The kids are so, so excited for 'their' new baby to come and Landon's been counting down the days until my due date every morning. I know they're going to be completely star struck and over the moon with their new little sibling and their comments and sweet gestures towards my moving, growing belly are already melting my heart. A few pics from our weekend, basking and playing in some gorgeous weather outside.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Bits of Life Lately

Had an eventful week with first Blair sick with the stomach flu, then Landon, then myself, but still noticicing so much goodness around us and making sure to capture it all on camera. We did still manage to get out of the house on several occasions in between the fevers breaking, went on our first outing strawberry picking and enjoyed lots of outdoor play at home with our beloved neighbor friends. & Landon learned how to ride his bike without training wheels (!!) I may or may not have cried, these preggo hormones are killing me. Some snapshots of our daily life the last week:
Hope you all had a wonderful week and are having a decent Monday;)

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