Sunday, April 17, 2011

my loves & dreams

i love ... my husband. my little honeybunny landon. yoga. the beach. eating/cooking healthy. christmastime. homemade crafts & goods. hair & make-up. tulips. outdoor music festivals. power walking. ikea. being a mom. farmer's markets. cloth diapers. manicures & pedicures. inspiring people. avacados. hikes. etsy. fresh cut grass. landon's chubby laugh.

someday i hope to ... cultivate my own garden. do philanthropy efforts in a third world country. become fluent in a different language. drive to California and spend time traveling up/down the coast. have all organic food in the house. build our own "green" house with a porch. build a big, beautiful family with my husband and raise all my children to love each other and to love God.


  1. this is such a sweet post. thinking i have to do the same for my blog.

  2. You're the cutest with this blog. I love the videos so I get to see you three and little Lando growing up!


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