Non-toxic Nail Polish: Butter London


Non-toxic Nail Polish: Butter London

I've been giving myself my own manicures & pedicures for most of my life because a: I'm pretty darn good at it, b: My manicures barely last me more than 3 days, which to me isn't worth the $25 of getting them done, and c: I'm pregnant and I can't be breathing in all the toxic polish and acetone fumes that are (extremely) highly concentrated in salons.

Since becoming preggo this time around I've been super cautious about everything that comes into contact with my body, & in turn, my little baby girl inside of me. I decided to say goodbye to my beloved OPI's and Essie's for 9 months and have been looking for a perfect nail polish brand that was non-toxic and paraben-free but also high salon quality and that had a wide selection of gorgeous colors. Enter Butter London.

These nail lacquers are paraben-free and they come out amazing. I've been loving Cream Tea which is a gorgeous white hue and nothing short of perfection on tan summer hands. My other favorite is Cuppa, a light taupe hue for a professional polished, neutral look that goes with anything. Lastly, I've been sporting (and adoring) Teddy Girl a lot lately in honor of my new baby girl, which is a very flattering, bright pastel pink.

After a few coats plus the most amazing top coat ever, my nails look professionally done and I've been receiving numerous compliments on them everywhere I go. Butter also manufactures an acetone-free polish remover in some yummy scents like coconut mango.

I hope I've inspired you to go check out some of their polish, which is sold online and at most higher-end beauty departments like Ulta and Sephora. Trust me, I know $15 a bottle sounds expensive, but for gorgeous color, long-lasting polish, & most of all, a non-toxic formula that is safe for you (& perhaps a little developing life inside of you), I think it's worth it.

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