Roasted Kale & Cauliflower Smashed Potatoes

Roasted Kale & Cauliflower Smashed Potatoes

After a long break from cooking I resolved to get back @ it and just whipped up this absolutely amazing vegetarian side dish (or dish all to itself if you're like me). It is absolutely delicious, although the picture really doesn't do it much justice - it's kind of hard to take a pretty picture of mashed potatoes. This dish is really the perfect comfort food that is for once loaded with healthy veggies instead of simple carbs - and you honestly can't taste much of a difference between the potatoes and cauliflower anyway. You could even leave out the potatoes and do a whole head of cauliflower, but I like the fluffier consistency that comes with adding the potatoes. You can definitely doctor this up but I personally think the roasted kale makes this dish so don't leave it out, but think it could also work well with chives or scallions, eggplant, &/or collard greens. I hope you try these for yourself, you won't be disappointed!

What You'll Need:

- Half a bag of potatoes (I would recommend going organic here, as potatoes are among the top "dirty dozen" fruits and veggies of 2013 highest in pesticides)

- Half a head of cauliflower

- 1 bunch kale ripped up into bite sized pieces (organic if you can, but on the bottom of the list)

- 1 chopped yellow onion

- 3 tablespoons garlic (fresh or minced)

- olive oil and milk or milk substitute

- salt & pepper


- Preheat oven to 350.

- In one large pot, boil potatoes and cauliflower over high heat. Sidenote: I never peel my potatoes, as the skins are packed with all the nutrients.

- Sautee onion and garlic in olive oil over medium heat until translucent in appearance.

- Lay your kale over 1-2 baking pans (doesn't need to be laid flat), drizzle in olive oil and salt and pepper. Put in oven for 10-15 minutes or until crisp and edges start to brown.

- When everything is all done cooking, combine the kale, onions, cauliflower, and potatoes into a large serving dish and mash.

- Add additional olive oil, milk or milk substitute, and salt and pepper to taste.

- Bon appetit! :) 

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