Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Hanging above our bed - my latest DIY project: where we met, where we married, and where we 'mooned.

I know I'm a month premature on the last one but I made these about a month ago when we booked our honeymoon and I really needed to fill in the empty space above our headboard -

Where we met: Valparaiso, Indiana

where we married: Chicago, Illinois

where we 'mooned: Kauai, Hawaii

This project was super fun and easy to make and really all you need are a map and frames. The atlas map we already had and I found these white frames on clearance @ Michaels for only $3.00 a pop.

Step 1: Using a clear/transparent piece of paper, fold in half and draw half a heart. Cut out for your full heart. I used that clear sheet that came inside the frame.
Step 2: Pick out your places on the map. Move your clear heart over where you want to cut out on the map, trace with a pencil, and then cut out. You can choose any places of significance in your lives, don't have to do these. Could do first date instead of where you met, or where you live together instead of married, etc.
Step 3: Tape your 'map hearts' on their backside to a white piece of paper, insert in frame, hang to wall, & enjoy!


  1. cute!! this is a neat idea! (stopping by from a week in phone pics.)

  2. Great idea! I'm also stopping by from the week in phone pics haha! Cute blog!

  3. That's adorable! Love this idea!



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