Family Portraits

I was never the mom who went for professional photos in the hospital or documented my baby's monthly milestones. I always felt I took enough pictures of my little one daily. However, I realized we lacked good photos of all three of us together as a family, mainly because either Aziz or I am always the one behind the camera. That's when we decided to arrange a family photo session in early September, right outside our home in downtown Chicago.

As the day approached, the weather forecast seemed promising—cloudy and overcast, with no signs of rain—a dream for every photographer. However, just half an hour before the shoot, my photographer called because it was raining. I had just finished my shower, styled my hair and makeup, Lelya had just woken up from a nice two-hour nap, and Aziz had taken an hour off from work. There was no way I was going to let a little rain spoil our plans; I was determined to proceed with the shoot. I felt a bit apprehensive that we might end up looking drenched, but surprisingly, none of the photos showed any signs of rain. Despite the overcast sky, we were blessed with beautiful backdrops and a content little Lelya, resulting in incredibly stunning photos.

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