I might be a month early on this one, but I couldn't resist sharing! I created these about a month ago when we finalized our honeymoon plans. I wanted to fill the empty space above our headboard with something special.

Where we 'mooned': Kauai, Hawaii.

This project was incredibly enjoyable and surprisingly easy to make. All you really need are a map and some frames. Luckily, we had an atlas map on hand, and I stumbled upon these perfect white frames on clearance at Michaels for just $3.00 each.

Here's a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Take a clear or transparent piece of paper (I used the sheet that came inside the frame), fold it in half, and draw half a heart. Cut it out to create a full heart template.

Step 2: Select the locations on the map that hold significance for you. Position your clear heart template over those locations, trace the heart shape with a pencil, and carefully cut it out from the map. Feel free to choose places that are meaningful in your lives. For instance, you could select your first date spot instead of where you met, or choose your current residence instead of the wedding location.

Step 3: Securely tape your 'map hearts' onto the backside of a white piece of paper, insert them into the frames, hang them on the wall, and enjoy the personalized and meaningful decoration!

It's a lovely way to commemorate significant places and create a beautiful visual representation of cherished memories.

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