Beach Babes in December?


Beach Babes
Beach Babes in December?

Umm's 80 degrees and sunny on December 18. Yes, I love this weather. Yes, I am surprised that we're experiencing such warm temperatures in December. And yes, Lelya & I were all set to hit the beach at 8 am this morning, but honestly, is anyone else a bit thrown off by this? I'm half-expecting a snowstorm tomorrow to make up for this unusual warmth. I wouldn't be surprised if we suddenly experience an ice age by January. #UnpredictableWeather

In any case... I'm sure you're curious about how I spent this unexpectedly warm day:

7 am: I woke up on my own while Lelya was still fast asleep. Had a refreshing shower, made a hot cup of coffee, and checked my emails. Packed plenty of snacks & beach toys, assuming we'd have an impromptu day soaking up the sun.

8:30 am: On our walk to the beach when I made a last minute executive decision for some playground fun first.

11 am: That turned out to be an excellent decision because after 2 hours of running around, sliding, swinging, exploring, & playing, Little Lelya was passed out by the time we arrived at the beach, and I got to bask & relax in the sun for a good 45 minutes. Mwahahaha. #Secretsofasupermom.

12 pm: The little one awakes and seems disoriented by the surroundings and the sand. Surprisingly, this works in my favor as she wants to stick close, sitting on top of me and holding on as if I'm her safe haven. It's moments like these that make me feel truly cherished.

12:30 pm: I place her gently on the beach towel in front of a bucket of water and toys, and she quickly forgets about her initial fear of the sand. Splashing and playing become her obsession for a good couple of hours. And when it comes to eating, she surprises me. The little one has an insatiable appetite, and today was the first time I ran out of snacks for her. Nonetheless, we had a delightful little picnic, and she lovingly shared her snacks. It was then I realized I was raising a true little lady with a generous heart.

2 pm: Families with little ones start to clear out, and in came groups of adults with beers and footballs, signaling the end of our beach day. We decided to head home around 3 pm, and after we got back, Lelya went down for another nap and is still sound asleep.

Oh, and I ended up with a sunburnt forehead. In December.

So, when my little beach buddy wakes up, I'm contemplating taking advantage of our sun deck and firing up the grill for the first time this year... or maybe we'll opt for a mama-daughter dinner date in Chinatown and savor some delicious 'goons.

#MotherDaughterDayOut #CherishingTheseMoments

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