Identity Crisis


identity crisis

Having a bit of an identity crisis. Early December I felt like my blog needed a change and I very brashly decided to change Mumma's Corner to Heart + Home. Of course I went all out and changed the URL as well, and spent a day changing all my linkbacks in my own blog. After several weeks it hit me:  I missed my Mumma's Corner terribly and Heart + Home really wasn't me, at all. It was too impersonal and sounded more like the name of a home goods store or magazine and didn't accurately reflect the content of my blog. I tried to get Mumma's Corner back. Surely it would still be there after only a couple of weeks right? But on Christmas Day I found out some hacker named Reginald was spamming my old site! I was pissed. After several days of being pissed and not forgiving myself for giving my precious URL site to the world at large, I went into investigative mode and found out that according to Blogger, Reginald was in fact a spammer, and that my friends is against Blogger's terms of use. Score! I reported his phony ass multiple times that day and hoped for the best. I was pleased to find out that Blogger took his site down immediately (within 24 hours of reporting). BUT it now states that that URL has been removed and it is NOT available to new blogs. Wth? Now I still can't get my old site back.

Blogger savvy friends: Will it ever become available to register again? Can I ever regain control over it since it used to be mine? Help!

In the meantime, I couldn't live with myself any longer and caved and bought For $10 a year I decided it was better than losing my identify to the blogosphere again forever. Unfortunately I found out the hard way that it is in fact a very messy blogosphere out there. So as long as is unavailable, is where you will find me from here on out. 

I promise I won't do this again. & thank you to all my faithful followers! 

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