Summer bucket list


Summer bucket list
Summer bucket list

I'm done with work (@ least my temp doc review) and I have big plans to enjoy the summer with my babes before we move out of our beloved home at the end of August. I am so excited to have some time off to do fun stuff with Lelya, cook some new healthy recipes, enjoy the weather, go for our nice long walks like we used to, cloth diaper again, and just spend quality time with my minime and be in control of what he's eating and his activities and help him with his learning, speaking, development, & potty training. Here's what's on our bucket list to do before September 1:

Sidenote: I just reread this post before I hit publish and noticed there's an awful lot of exclamation points everywhere. I was going to fix it up so you don't think I'm one of those drunk moms but I really am that excited about all of this. !.

- Wiggleworms in Millennium Park! For the past 2 summers we would always pass this and look forward to when he was old enough to actually partake & enjoy in some of the activities. And now's that time! Everyday starting in July they have 10am wiggleworms class: dance, sing-along, & finger games, then 11am story time, and 12pm live children's entertainment. We're pretty pumped.

- Sign up for "swimboree" at the British Swim School. I would love if L could learn how to swim this summer. Just read that the #1 cause of [accidental] death in children under 5 is drowning. Plus I'm sure it'll be tons of fun for him plus a good way to meet some more mommy & tot friends.

- Sit outside and have a picnic @ one of the free concerts at the Pritzker Pavilion.

- Make homemade bread.

- Go to yoga & pilates in Millennium Park.

- Bike ride along the lakefront. Here's what our adventure looked like the last time.

- Make a baby brother or sister for L ;) I'm ready!

- Go to a movie in the park. This summer we've got Puss in Boots, Transformers, & Hunger Games right in our Lakeshore East backyard park!

- Find a new place to live! This is kind of bittersweet for me but I'm really excited to move into a bigger place with more storage, and hardwood floors (after two years of white carpeting and a toddler, they are no longer white). Haven't been very diligent about searching but I think we're looking to rent a house or town home in a northern/western suburb.

- Go to a petting zoo.

- Downtown summer festivals!

- Make homemade hummus.

- Farmer's markets!

- Potty train. Wishful thinking? I've heard a lot about the diaper free baby practice and met one mom who did this and her daughter was potty trained at 3 months old! Lolo can totally do this. Plus, they say that children in cloth potty train much sooner than children in disposables because they can actually feel when they wet themselves. We got this.

- Paint all our bedroom furniture white.

- Go on the Architectural Tour on Lake Michigan. I knnnooowww, so touristy. But I live in Chicago and I wanna do it. Plus I've heard nothing but raving reviews from all my touristy friends.

- Teach L how to give big hugs and sloppy kisses. I die!

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