Tea for me


tea for me

Lelya caught a cold last week and of course by default that means it gets passed onto me too. I've been researching some good herbal teas to make recently and saw this one to help soothe sore throats that is so, so good, and so easy to make, and my throat was instantly better within the day.

What you'll need:
- 1 tea bag of herbal tea (any kind you want - I used a de-caffinated black tea with orange and spices).
- 1 spoonful (or approximately 1 tablespoon) of unrefined coconut oil.
- 5 whole cloves (or two pinches ground cloves).
- Honey (however much you would normally use to sweeten, I use approximately 1 teaspoon). 

3 Easy Steps:
1. Brew your cup of herbal tea. 
2. Drop the cloves into your mug (or if you are using loose tea put them into your tea ball and brew your tea).
3. Stir in honey & coconut oil.  
Drink almost to the bottom, but don't drink/choke on the cloves ;) 
Keep this recipe in your back pocket for the next time you are sick or have a sore throat, you'll thank me later!

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