Ink Cards!


Ink Cards

All you busy mamas will definitely be thanking me for introducing Ink Cards into your life. This is a free app that can be downloaded on your iphone (or android) that lets you choose from a number of different greeting cards for any occasion, and then lets you personalize your card to your recipient. You can type in your own greeting or thoughtful message, upload your own photos from your phone if you want, and then type in your recipient's address and they will receive your card in the mail, & all for just $1.99. That's with postage included! No more last minute trips to the store for the belated birthday or congratulatory cards, rummaging through your house for stamps, trips to the mailbox, and spending hours trying to pick out the perfect card. All this is now at the convenience of your fingertip. The quality of their cards are really great and their designs are super cute. I ordered a test Valentine's Day card for Chris and I already got it in the mail and can't get over how adorable it is. 

I promise you'll love it as much as me :) Let me know what you all think!

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