You may have seen this latest sensation everyone's been buzzing about, the new Vine App. The app allows you to record short 6-second videos on your iphone very easily, there's no editing required on your part, you just hold down your finger on the screen to record, lift your finger off the screen during any "dead time," then hold your finger back on the screen to pick up recording, and then it ties them all together in one video. The app allows you share them to your feed just like instagram, only instead of pictures, they're little mini-videos.

We already consume so much screen time in between twitter, facebook, pinterest, and instagram. I'm wondering if we can even handle another social media platform like this. It’s been very interesting to witness all these platforms emerge, become more popular, and overlap with each other. We used to tweet our thoughts, now most of us just tweet our instagrams and posts. We used to create personal facebook albums for events and times in our lives, now we post check-ins and our instagrams or mobile pics. And now this app has brought us to a whole new level into someone's life...We are literally watching video feeds of people's lives and hearing them talk. (This took me a little while to figure out but there is sound, just turn your phone from vibrate to ringer). Are thoughts and photos simply not enough for us anymore? It seems we're always wanting something more, something better, but technology is moving faster than we can keep up with ourselves. At first glance, this all felt a bit too much. I thought, I don't have enough time for something else! But it intrigued me. I created an account and posted my first video, and I was hooked. This thing was very cool. I'm big on taking home videos, but I've definitely been slacking the past year or so. My flip video doesn't make it out with me everywhere and my iphone videos takes up too much free space on my phone, so this app seemed brilliant to me. It definitely sparked some creativity and I'm really excited to see how other people will use this to market their brands and sites. But I do know the app has a issues with people posting pornographic video clips, so maybe this will turn into the myspace for iphone apps and fizzle out, I don't know.

I'm still getting the hang of this app, I think the concept is really cool but its features are still a bit wonky and I'm interested to see how it updates. Can I share to facebook or email it to someone, or save it to my phone or computer? Will there be filters in the future? Will we be able to find friends to follow/import from facebook and instagram? Or is it going to stay exclusive to Twitter? Will they start censoring the porn problem?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this new app-sensation, & if you're interested, you can follow my videos at @lisabauman. Let me know what you all think of this & if you're on the bandwagon, give me your username so I can have some people on my feed too :)

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